Enhance safety by automating the process of worker check-ins.   One of two alternatives for managing check-ins, Scheduled Check-In can be enabled by the Enterprise Administrator.

  • The Enterprise Administrator sets a mandatory schedule during which check-ins are required, specifying the start and end of the work period for each day of the day of week, and the check-in interval (from 5 minutes to 2 hours).  The worker cannot choose their own schedule in this mode.
  • When a Check-In is due, an on-screen message and loud tones notify the worker that they must check-in using a soft key on the phone, which renews the timer for another interval
  • The process stops automatically at the end of the specified work period
  • Enterprise Administrators can view online the active check-ins for each worker, and a timer that counts down until the next expected check-in, using the Check-In view. An organization’s safety department or control room can easily monitor check-ins for many workers at once.