Enhance safety by automating the process of worker Check-Ins. One of two alternatives for managing check-ins, the yellow button can be enabled by the Enterprise Administrator. occurs, Sonim Protect Pro will automatically escalate to a Red Alarm without further user action.  
  • At the worker’s choice, when they feel they are starting an activity of higher risk, a long press of Yellow Button will trigger a check-in timer.
  • The timer is preconfigured by the admin for intervals ranging from 5 min to 2 hrs.
  • At the end of the period, on-screen message and loud tones notify the worker that they must check-in using a soft key on the phone, which renews the timer for another interval
  • The worker has 10 to 30 seconds (configurable), to check-in, or a Red Alarm will be raised without further user action
  • The check-in system is canceled when the worker presses the green button